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The perfect present for your little bundle of joy 

little girl in white satin dress and headband with matching bow

Our owner loved creating little pieces for all her children when they were growing up and this inspired her to create our baby accessory collection. If you are looking for cute baby headbands for a special photo shoot, a tutu, a perfect keepsake for you or family members or something inspired by a favourite Disney character then Tiger Lillies Accessories will have something perfect for you. All our products are handmade and you have the option to customise the designs! For instance, choose your favourite Disney character for a headband, add different charms which represent your hobbies, interests or luck and create cute matching bracelets for your little ones. We add new products every week, so keep an eye out for new fun designs. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our services visit our FAQ page.

Dress your little ones up in custom pieces

Make your family portraits memorable with our custom made baby accessories suitable for all occasions all year round. Whether you are looking for seasonal, themed or occasion designs, we have a cute collection of designs and items, all of which can be customised. We add new designs to our collection daily to make sure we keep the designs fresh and exciting. For safe use of our product on babies we recommend monitoring your child while they are wearing the headband at all times and not using the headbands for all day use to avoid the risk of choking.

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