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Beautiful pet collars with safety clips, perfect for your cat & dog

kitten wearing pink satin bow collar with charms

This collection is inspired by our owner's beautiful Bengals and we absolutely love the opportunity to help make your family photos memorable. We have a variety of different designs with quick release for cat's safety. In addition to our already popular collars, we have a range of bows with or without charms of your own choice. They come in different sizes, available to suit all short medium long haired dogs and cats. Get your pet a cute themed pet collar from our wide range of designs today!

Harry Potter themed collars for cats

Just thought I'd share my bow collar collection in the making XD I wonder how many more I'll need to fill the whole column (no the bows don't stay here. They just look nice on her cat tower

Toni Daly

Cat and Dog_edited.jpg
A special treat for your fury little friends 

We put our heart and soul into creating beautiful pieces for your furry little friends. All our pet collars are handmade and created with high-quality materials such as silk, ribbon, charms and pendants. You can choose any of our themes or create a completely unique design from scratch using our custom field at the checkout. If you require any further assistance don't hesitate to contact us today!

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