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Make your inspired dream come true

little girl dressed as Disney inspired mermaid

" I was inspired by my children's love for Disney movies and how that love spans all ages "
- Melissa -

 If you are a big Disney fan we have the perfect accessories for you. Whether it’s for a themed party or themed wedding, we can provide the final touches. Make your Disney dream come true with our unique Disney inspired accessories. Tiger Lillies accessories will make any occasion special with our necklaces, bracelets, ankle bracelets, headbands and much more.


Want to say a very big thank you to Melissa Bond who made these lovely jewellery pieces. This is about my third or fourth order with this lovely lady and she has made my day. My mum ordered me for my birthday the Tigger earrings and necklace. I know it is not my birthday for a couple of days but I had to put them on and also look at them they are just so beautiful. I also order with Melissa the Harry Potter bracelet times two - one for me and my mum. She loves that bracelet too, she put it on straight away. As my mum has arthritis in her hands she loved the way she was able to slip the bracelet on, so that also made her day too. 
I can highly recommend this lovely lady, she is so caring and always make sure that you get the piece of jewellery that you want. So thank you Melissa!!

Heather Michie

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Make your dreams come true

Tigger Lillies Accessories are here to make your Film and Media inspired dreams come true. Treat yourself or a loved one with a range of custom made accessories! Whether you’re into the classic stories or you want to turn your little one into one of the modern princes or princesses we have the right accessories for you.

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